The Distress of Uncertainty (ABOUT)

"Once Removed" (detail), 20 in w x 36 h, fiber, 2016

“The Distress of Uncertainty” (2016) series explores themes of neurosis relating to the physical body and its connection to identity and sexuality. Conflict between external societal pressures and internal dialog, visually manifest into deconstructed female nude figures made up of thread and fabric. A flesh-toned palette of stitched fibers presented on canvas embraces an intersection between hand-made domestic object and figurative painting.

"Faking Impenitence" (detail), 24 in h x 42 w, fiber, 2016
Individual female nude images are curated from online sources, such as pornographic and fashion websites, and then translated into embroideries comprised of stitches resembling skin, veins, and tissue. Removed from their photographic backgrounds, the original source context is blurred. These dislocated bodies are manipulated and abstracted into various states of fragmentation, which comments on the public dissection of female forms and roles by the media and society at large.

In what are reminiscent of provocative poses, bodies open and divide giving way to a more dissected view of the body, alluding to the degradation of the physical body as we age. The abstracted female forms made up of thread and fibers are supported, not only by the figures’ arms and hands, but also by isolated threads reading as “connective tissue” between masses.

It is unclear if the figures struggle to hold themselves together after being seemingly damaged or are depicted as they labor to reconstruct themselves.

Black and White Gallery, New York, NY, 2016

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