Love Swing

82 in tall x 68 in wide
yarn, ribbon, nylon, metal, thread, perfume
private collection

Love Swing is a piece that speaks to the wavering stability between woman as nurturer and woman as object of sexual desire. The 82 inch tall by 68 inch wide swing is covered in knitted yarn and fitted over a prefabricated sex-swing stand. The inner hanging swing has no core, prefabricated framework but was designed based on images of manufactured sex-swings. I chose a cream colored fiber to play off the idea of innocence which is typically unassociated with the sex industry. At first glance, the viewer might mistake the structure for a baby swing, rather than a sex swing. The hanging swing is slightly separated by clear thread to give it the appearance of form. The entire project took 3 months to create and approximately 30 skeins of yarn.